Step 1

Your Social worker or representing professional will make a referral to Referrers will be required to fill out a referral document prior to the assessment being arranged.

Step 2

Integra will arrange an assessment and ask for person centred documentation to assess your needs and suitability for our service. The assessment will take place at your current residing property this could be a family home, own accommodation, hospital setting, probationary service or a venue that you feel most comfortable.

Step 3

Properties will be shortlisted that will best meet your needs and you will be supported to attend viewings to promote choice. Integra will work in partnership with your social worker or allocated individual to facilitate applicable benefits and tenancy agreements.

Step 4

Costings and support plans will be completed between Integra Supported Housing and Professionals.

Transitional work will commence for staff to get to know you.
Tenancy and bills support will be provided in readiness for you move.


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