Synergy Project

The Synergy Project is Integra’s Supported Housing  work based programme for our service users to get back into work.

We believe that having a disability and mental health diagnosis shouldn’t prevent anyone from getting back to work. We work in partnership with our Support Workers, Service users and Professionals to enable placements (via our credit support system). We offer support placements in many different work environments such as gardening ,painting and decorating, wood work, cooking, and administration office placements.

Our programmes help to improve social and employability skills, help participants gain confidence and ultimately change lives.

The synergy project is:

Positive about volunteering making a difference

Caring about the people who work with us

Challenging about unfair attitudes in society about learning disability and mental health

Inclusive of people from all backgrounds.



"The Synergy Project has helped me advance my skills in communication for me to further my career when I go into independent living."

— Service User
Integra Supported Housing

"Another quote here."

— Service User
Integra Supported Housing

"One more quote here"

— Service User
Integra Supported Housing